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About BBA Global: 

BBA in International Business is a 3-year undergraduate course designed to impart to eligible candidates the requisite skills in creating and managing global companies. The program covers an advanced study of: business and cultural concepts relevant to international business. It is a job oriented Bachelor’s Degree management course. BBA is a general management program. It focuses on subjects related to fundamentals of management. It also covers other relevant subjects.

There also exist numerous BBA specialization programs, which focus on a specific discipline or field. Such BBA programs cover basic management subjects as well as subjects related to the field of specialization. BBA in International Business (Global) is one such specialization program. This BBA  Global course focuses on the discipline of International Business.


In simple terms, International Business deals with cross-border trade/transaction of goods and services. Thanks to Globalization, markets across the Globe have become easily accessible. This has increased the importance of International Business.

Do you want to check out examples of international business? Here they are –

  • Import and export
  • Outsourcing
  • Trade of goods and services between two countries


Global is not just limited to the trade of goods and services. It also includes trade/transaction of capital, technology, human resources and knowledge! Regular business management programs train candidates to take on the domestic market. But dealing with international market is another game altogether! This is where BBA in International Business (Global) comes handy!

BBA in Global focuses on the following topics –

  • Import management
  • Export management
  • International capital management
  • International trade finance
  • Foreign trade policy
  • Communication skills
  • Foreign-exchange
  • Trade agreements
  • International labor laws
  • Legal aspects
  • Economic aspects
  • Accounting practices


BBA in International Business trains students to take on the huge Global marketplace! This academic program trains students and turns them into skilled Global business managers! Let us take a closer look at the course details. Here they are –


It is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree management education program.


The academic program is 3 years long.


10+2 passed from a recognized board. ISM-U has some relevant entrance test to select deserving candidates.