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About B.Sc:

B.Sc. Computer Science is a 3 year undergraduate program which deals with subjects and topics related to computer application and services.Technological implementation of computer systems is the main agenda of the program.The program ranges widely from creating quality professionals and research fellows who are working in every sector of the world today.


B.Sc. (Computer Science): What is it About?

B.Sc. Computer Science is the study of principles and fundamentals of computers, where latest technologies and trends are the most important topics. The course empower students to deal with the technicalities and issues with authorized knowledge of databases and analytical skills.

The course equips students to work as Software Engineers in renowned IT companies that offer them a decent salary that increases with experience and expertise.It is concerned with understanding, designing, execution and solving issues related to computer systems and applications.

B.Sc. (Computer Science): Syllabus and Course Description

B.Sc. Computer Science course is designed in a way, which covers all the aspects required to prepare students to make a career in Software Industry. The systematic study of computers and its applications enable students to imbibe logical and analytical skills which helps them excel in this field.

Computing problems need solutions which can be executed in real world for which programming codes are taught to the students.The delivery method of the course includes classroom lectures, industrial visits, guest lectures from successful Computer Science professionals along with project works and internships. All these methods develop a practical approach in students which is a vital part for Computer science Students.

B.Sc. Computer Science includes the concepts of Software Engineering in its syllabus for students to have an ease in working with Software Engineers in the industry. The syllabus prepares a knowledge base for research and development in Computer science for students.

B.Sc. (Computer Science): Eligibility

For seeking admission in B.Sc. Computer Science, the student must have cleared higher secondary grade (10+2) from a recognized board.